What is RPG World?

Hello there!

"What is RPG World?", you might be asking. I know you might, because you're on this page!

RPG World is/was a webcomic started, written, and drawn by Ian Jones-Quartey, who's recently been famous as an executive director of the popular Steven Universe cartoon. Look! They even put a little Hero in the show!

Ian started RPG World back in 2000, and updated it regularly until about 2005, with a few filler segments thrown in around 2007, before officially and finally abandoning the comic to move on to bigger and better things. (See "Steven Universe" above.)

When Ian left RPG World, he posted that if anyone wanted to continue it, they could. I always wanted to, but never had the resources available to me. Now, I've decided to try to make it happen and continue the comic as best I can!

RPG World is a comic about a Playstation game called, well, RPG World, played by a guy named Jim (who only ever shows up every so often). It's pokes fun at all the tropes typically found in RPGs, while keeping up a compelling story and fun characters, who generally know about and understand their game world and its ridiculous mechanics, like turn-based combat, cutscenes, button presses, and random treasure chests everywhere.

For a brief rundown of the characters, and a summary to catch you up to speed, check out the New Readers section!

And, to learn more about me and the artist, check out the About Us section!

Happy reading!