New Readers

Hello new friends! You must be new readers! You can find some info about the comic below, but if you're looking for a more visual refresher...

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RPG World is a comic created by Ian Jones-Quartey back in 2000 that ran until 2005, where he took a permanent hiatus. Now, I'm trying to run it! Go me.

Here's a brief introduction of characters:

Hero is just an unlikely hero, out for adventure! He's the typical RPG protagonist; young, adventurous, spiky hair and a big sword! He's genuine and kind at heart, but very naive at times. As with all RPG protagonists, he has no memory of his life before SEVIL or even his name.

A badass elf with a heart of gold! Cherry started out a thief, but after meeting Hero-- well, she's still a thief. But now she's trying to save the world too! She's got a lot on her plate, between being the "Sacras One", an elf chosen to lead their people to victory in the war between races, and her love for Hero, who seems completely unable to understand the concept.

The "cute fuzzy thing" of RPG World! Despite not being fuzzy at all, and in fact being covered in scales. He hatched from an egg Hero and Cherry found, and has been a companion to the party ever since. He's not one for racing, but is pretty good in a fight! He's recently learned he may play more of a role in this world due to the words of a highly cryptic and confusing sewer dragon/gator hybrid named Crocnor, who referred to Dragobo as "scale-bearer".

Lienne--- er, "Diane" as Hero renamed her when she joined the party, started out as a Harlot class! She has since moved up quite considerably in the world, learning of her heritage as a half-monster (and the 3rd piece in the Mark of Destiny) and becoming a full-blown Black Mage. She now seeks to save the world while also making it a better place for monsters.

Just a dual-wielding human along for the ride! Eikre is a womanizer with a troubled past (thanks to Jeff) who now seeks to make the world a better place-- and what better way to do that than by saving it! It also doesn't hurt that heroes get the cutest girls.

The REAL cute fuzzy thing, Howard is a mubble that has it out for Galgarion, who attacked his village and made a complete mess of things. Howard plays his cute card well, but in reality he's a cynical cigar-smoking foul-mouth.

Reka is a pirate! She also builds robots and is one hell of a mechanic. She's very level-headed, but has a massive grudge against Galgarion for killing her father (even though he says he didn't). One thing he did do, however, is kill her. Reka is currently dead. Spoilers! However, her two robots, Piddo and Podderhead, seek to bring their mother back with the use of a Time Machine they've been working on with the help of Ronald, some dude they found in the woods. Good luck guys?

Plum is an elf who USED to be Scout Captain tasked with finding the hero and also Cherry. Unfortunately, she failed all of these tasks and was demoted. Now, she seeks to help #347 stop Galgarion, and get her position back.

One of Galgarion's evil henchman, Galgarion is responsible for killing his wife and sons. Now, he seeks revenge and to stop Galgarion from hurting anyone else, with the help of Plum. He needs all the help he can get, too, because he seems to be CRITICALLY near-sighted, often talking to plants.

Rabble Rouser
Rabble Rouser is a young monster hailing from South City. He's a bit of a troublemaker, causing trouble for the heroes and villains alike. He's recently discovered that he is Diane's brother, so now he seeks to get in some sibling bonding that he never got to do. I would say he wants to help save the world, but he kind of accidentally got roped into all of this.

The villain of the story, Galgarion is powerful and ruthless. He's also a snarky bitch. After stealing the Phoenix Book when he was still in SEVIL with Hero, he studied the book relentlessly before turning completely evil with a newfound mastery of fire. Currently, he seeks to harness the power of the souls of the Mark of Destiny (consisting of a human, an elf, and a monster-- conveniently the heroes Hero, Cherry, and Diane) and rule the world for himself.

Jeff is a bishounen tactical mastermind who lives for evil and does evil things simply because being evil feels good. He and Eikre have a permanent rivalry after Jeff slaughtered Eikre's mother and set his house on fire, along with killing innocent bystanders. Now, Jeff is a high-ranking SEVIL member, while working with South Corp to secure the Mark of Destiny for their nefarious purposes.

Detestai, Earl, and Larry
Detestai is Galgarion's ex, who is now looking for him because he borrowed a lot of money from her and hasn't paid up. Earl and Larry are her two goons who follow her around and do her evil bidding. Well, sometimes evil. It depends on whether she's wearing her glasses or not.

South Corp
An evil corporation run by monsters in South City, South Corp aims to harness the power of the souls from the Mark of Destiny, and rip a hole in the Tatsachore so they can create a nightmare world that they can rule alone. They've been working with Galgarion, but I think we know that both aim to double-cross the other.

A supposedly "good" organization of humans, SEVIL stands for "Society for the Evasion of Vile and evIl Life", which is a bit silly. They could have easily gone with "Insidious Life" but whatever. They claim to be creating a better world for everyone, but frequently exercise underhanded schemes and divulge misinformation to manipulate the party. Currently, they seem to have a secret plot to destroy the monsters in South City once and for all.