#580 - Dark Souls

#580 - Dark Souls

Only 13 hours late! Look, I’ve been running a convention, I have been very busy. BUT! That’s over now. Expect things to return to normal and be very consistent again.

Hey look, exposition.

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2.27.2019, 3:55 PM
Ian the Great
Loving more Diane focused stuff. To celebrate, here's a question about somebody else.
Question: Where are Galgy and Hero's necklaces at these days? To a lesser extent Galgarion's purple shirt, but I think the necklace has story relevance. I know they're not physically connected to them or anything (Hero's beachware has no necklace) but I'm curious.
2.27.2019, 7:24 PM
They were more or less removed when they got put in bed to rest. They should have everything back next HP/MP restore or armor update ;)
2.27.2019, 4:30 PM
Since I'm playing catch-up (somehow missed the last update)and it might be seen as spoiler-y, I'll comment on something being discussed under the previous comic here:

As the guy who has cautioned you about excessive fan service before... I actually agree with the idea of rolling with the artist drawing Diane bustier than normal last strip (and maybe this one?) as part of her transformation.

Someone has to ask "So wait... darkness filling one's soul gives them bigger boobs?" Best of all, you have each character answer, giving you multiple punchlines like:

1) Well, evil does have its upsides.

2) So the devs still want to cater to that male demographic, but feel guilty about it?

3) Spike skin-protrusions while enlarging ones... assets. Darkness really is evil.


I mean, go ahead and use better ones than that... but I think I communicated the basic idea.
2.28.2019, 1:06 PM
Ian the Great
OK, here's a canonical reason to let art discrepancies go: http://rpgworld.keenspot.com/d/20030613.html
In this sketchy comic we see Cherry complaining about her thighs getting bigger and Ian just shrugging and saying they look better that way. No in story reason, no announcement of art upgrade, no big deal. Art changes because it looks better, and we don't need to worry about it.
2.28.2019, 3:16 PM
Dude, the only reason I really noticed the change was because DOOMDRAGON6 himself pointed it out. It is a chance for a potentially good joke. If it doesn't sound good to you...okay!

Frankly, it may not even be that funny to DOOMDRAGON6 himself, you needn't worry..XD However, we have had past discussions where he listened to some concerns I had content-wise, and I figured if he was expecting anyone to really freak out about it, it would be people like me... but I'm not freaking out about it, okay? :)
2.28.2019, 5:31 PM
I generally let Atari do what he wants, but I really couldn't help but laugh at how gigantic I noticed they've gotten.
2.27.2019, 10:52 PM
So, why hasn't the mask taken control back, yet?
2.27.2019, 11:03 PM
it's cracked. done broke, yo
2.28.2019, 10:55 AM
Wakeangel2001 (Guest)
Makes sense, she hated her stepmom, had daddy issues, ran away and was even driven to prostitution at one point...lots of room there for bitterness...
3.1.2019, 1:19 AM
Casanova (Guest)
Is there a plot reason as to why Galgy has yet to remove the mask, or is that one of Ian's requests? ;P
3.1.2019, 3:07 AM
*non-committal shrug* WHO KNOWS. TIME SHALL TELL
3.1.2019, 7:19 AM
Guest (Guest)
".. full of darkness, hatred, and bitterness."
Eikre: Tell me about it
Diane: *Slaps* Jerk!
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