#578 - Ripping a New One

#578 - Ripping a New One

= Fun fact: I originally wanted the previous page and this one to be one page. But that didn’t work out! Ha ha! I legitimately think they would have worked out well together, but oh well!

= Not all monsters are born with fangs," and "You've done a lot of bad things, Jeff. You're going to do some more," were some lines I wrote way early on in the process that I knew I wanted in the comic. Probably prepared this scene around 2015.

** Struggling to make sense of what’s happening? South Corp’s plan was established to be to “create a nightmare world to be ruled by monsters”. They intended to use the souls (the ones they drained back when I started the revival!) from the Mark of Destiny (3 individuals from the 3 main races-- Hero, Cherry, and Diane; Human, Elf, and Monster respectively) to power their device to rip a hole in the Tatsachore (the force that binds all things and shapes this world) to shift the balance of Light and Dark (previously seen to be in balance at 50/50), which would create their nightmare world. WHEW! That’s a lot! Blame Ian! He’s the one that wrote all this. I’m just trying to continue the story.

= If you read all that you get a cookie. Everyone on the same page? No? Well, whoops. Go read the original comic again. :P

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2.13.2019, 9:22 AM
Ian the Great
That's a pretty metal final panel. Man I have to know what is going on with Oligarch. Like, what's his motivation? What's his goal? Is this going to be like Disney's Hercules where the good guys don't even meet him til the last act?

I have questions and demand that they be answered over the course of many many wednesdays over the next... two years?
2.13.2019, 1:01 PM
You can read their goals in the Writer comment above! It's all been established. They're trying to build a nightmare world to be ruled by monsters, and turn the tides of the next 1000 years war in their favor. (The last 1000 years have been ruled by Humans, which is why they're the most prominent race.)

Detestai has sort of met Oligarch, and Earl and Larry have met him. The rest of the heroes have not unless I'm misremembering.

There's a lot of old original pages from Ian over the course of several years, but give them a re-read! It'll definitely refresh your memory.
2.13.2019, 2:07 PM
Metro (Guest)
The "You're going to do some more" line was excellent.
2.14.2019, 1:58 AM
Aww thanks! I really liked it.
2.20.2019, 10:42 AM
Danny (Guest)
So, if this is spoiler territory feel free to tell me to bugger off. When Ian left off, it was referred to as heading to the last boss. Now that you've taken this on, are we still looking at a final boss battle or perhaps are we now looking at an expanded story that will continue forward?
2.21.2019, 3:35 AM
I can't see Ian as actually having been planning this as a final boss, because there were many, many story elements left to be unfolded, and when I spoke to him it sounded like he fully intended to flesh them out. There are still 2 books (of 4) that need to be discovered as well.
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