Shameless Plug!

Shameless Plug!


Howdy gang! We've got a PATREON now and you should totally give us your dollars! We've got some fun content and rewards, so check them out! The more you're able to donate each month, the better and more consistent content we can make!

I pay Atari out of pocket, and he works at a vastly reduced rate. If I can give him more $$$, he can focus more time on the comic. It's a big win for you guys and all it costs you is a cup of coffee or a trip to Taco Bell! Or for you high-rollers out there, a trip to, I don't know, Ruby Tuesday or something.

Early Access, WIP Sketches, Sketch Videos, vote on some of that super sexy 18+ goodness, goal bonus swag, and hey! You can totes even get a cameo!

Regular updates continue next week and I don't promise I won't post this page once a month. ;)
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