#551 - Doomed to Repeat

#551 - Doomed to Repeat

And we're back! Again! Should I call the comic RPG World: Fan Revival: Revival?

Fair warning, I may go to a temporary Wednesday Only 1-a-week update schedule for a tiny bit. I've got about 30+ pages written and sketched, but Atari is only one man with a wife and kid, and he needs his time to Art. ;)

Anyhow, keep checking back! We've also got one of those Patreon things, so you know! Give us your money! I mean support us! <3
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7.31.2018, 9:35 AM
As someone who has fallen behind with simple review columns and the like, if you need once-per-week updates to build up both the writing and art buffers, then do it. Once-per-week is much better than possibly-never-again. ;)

Ah, video games... where I can stomach this form of time travel. Well, and intentionally silly comics about video games. :D
7.31.2018, 11:45 AM
Hey now! This is perfectly viable time travel! It just has more toast than usual.
7.31.2018, 1:41 PM
Lol. Perhaps I should have said "The results of time travel."

I always prefer it where you cannot really change history but you can create (or forcibly shift yourself) to an alternate timeline by trying. Which may make you think you're changing history.

The other trick (which is compatible with the above) is that changing the past is only possible when you're really changing it, but fulfilling it. The classic

"So and so died 100 years ago!"
"Under what circumstances?"
"Mysterious circumstances with no body found."
*Time travel sound effect*

I mean, without these kinds of things, if time travel is possible, sooner or later someone's going to change history and "erase" everything we've ever done in this world. @_@

Note: Explained for the sake of geekery and not to sway how the story will progress. ;)
8.1.2018, 4:26 PM
N/A (Guest)
I hit "yes" twice myself (rereading the comic). Stupid scientists with their obfuscating explanations...
More importantly: welcome back! Once a week sounds good.
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