Welp, I'm a piece of shit.

Actually, I've just become so incredibly busy. There are days I get up at 7 and don't have a single free moment til I hit the bed at midnight.

The rare days I do have anything even resembling free time unfortunately have to go to more pressing matters, or I use as a brief reprieve from the world.

In short, I ran out of time to work on this comic.

Screwed up, aint it? I'm impressed Ian kept this up for as long as he did.

Is the comic dead (again)? No. But it is on hiatus, probably for a few months, while I take what time I can to write pages for Atari to throw art at.

Unfortunately, I've only got about 100 readers, maybe less. I'm incredibly grateful to every last one of you. I'm a bit torn-- on one hand, if the comic had taken off again and gotten thousands of readers, I would feel more motivated not to disappoint. On the other, the pressure probably would have made me cave even more quickly.

As it stands, this is just another webcomic that couldn't keep up. No surprises there. But, I love the comic and what I have planned too much to let it go.

It'll be back, and when it does, hopefully you guys will still be around to enjoy it! If not, thanks for riding along my experiment.

Much love, homies! <3
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11.17.2016, 9:41 PM
Damned Mercuary
Damned Mercuary (Guest)
When you are back we will be as well. May fate be kind and the world show you mercy.
11.18.2016, 5:38 AM
Take all the time you need, I'll be here to read it whenever you get started again.
11.18.2016, 5:50 AM
Beast Within
Beast Within (Guest)
I spent years waiting for this comic to continue. If it's going to be a few more I'll still be here. Take all the time you need.
11.18.2016, 6:56 AM
Zee McZed
Zee McZed (Guest)
What BW said. We're not going anywhere.
11.18.2016, 7:21 AM
iamzid (Guest)
You know, I was actually going to make a joke on last comic to the affect of 'sorry guys but the comic is over, just thought you should know' like Ian did back in the day. Damn, I didn't think I was actually going to be right or I would have.
11.18.2016, 10:34 AM

(Take your time, and don't worry about anything).
11.18.2016, 11:17 AM
Dancing Ghost
Dancing Ghost (Guest)
We'll be waiting.
11.18.2016, 12:26 PM
LVM (Guest)
First time commenting on web comic. ever!
Discovered the original thanks to you.
Loved it!
Loved your revival!

I will keep the bookmark in my browser and keep checking in. One more reader here when you get back.
11.18.2016, 1:35 PM
Man you guys are way too nice. <3
11.19.2016, 6:47 AM
Beast Within
Beast Within (Guest)
Honestly for me it's not a matter of nice or not, I just want to see the story continue.

It's the same for Gameing Gaurdians or Elf Only Inn. No matter how long I have to wait I will continue to hope that they get continued.
11.20.2016, 9:20 AM
Video James
Video James (Guest)
Don't be too discouraged by the metrics either - I was reading an article by David Malki of "Wondermark" recently about his beginnings, and because he had no knowledge of how to even check the metrics he successfully kept it on as an 'unsuccesful' web comic, until it became so.

More than happy to be patient and see where this goes from its current humble beginnings. And if you ever need to make a call to action of us, feel free, there's more than enough of your fans out there who'd be willing to contribute some time to flesh this out alongside you, whether it be writers, artists, forum/reddit administration, dragon slayers or someone to code just the right trainer for our heroes (that won't get them banned).
11.21.2016, 9:21 AM
Dinnermint (Guest)
No worries, get back to it when you can. I'm pretty sure 3 quarters of the comics I keep up with take a winter hiatus...

Seriously, thanks for bringing this back!
11.21.2016, 12:06 PM
Guest (Guest)
I've waited 50 years, What's a few more?
11.21.2016, 4:13 PM
Dah Debil
Dah Debil (Guest)
It was wonderful to see the attempt. Thank you for the art.
11.22.2016, 2:50 AM
Gareth (Guest)
Take your time. We waited years for the comic to continue, we can wait a bit longer for it to continue again.
11.25.2016, 8:58 PM
Guest (Guest)
While I am predictably annoyed about the delay I am not devastated. I absolutely love where it is going from here and have very high hopes.
And though I recommend that a cooler filler image be put in place (especially so that others fans who find this webcomic are not confused), the comic went on hiatus at a very convenient point.
12.7.2016, 8:00 AM
Drachnon (Guest)
Oh well back to waiting.
12.11.2016, 1:14 AM
Kor233 (Guest)
Hello, i hope you get this. a few years ago i read the comic rpg world, later that year i saw how it ended,i never read it again. For me that comic was always a symbol for how bad things can get, how much disrespect an artist can have for its fans, i could never get that image out of my mind knowing an entire universe can end by one persons lack of care. and for years i forgot about it, until today. Watching what you made filled me with hope for a proper end to the comic, a comic that you did better then he did. So no matter the reason ill be here, always waiting for you. I wish i could say more then words but thats all i have so let me say this, thank you for being here.
12.14.2016, 11:30 PM
Dray (Guest)
Hey, man. I've got nothing but respect for you. Actually,I JUST finished the original comic, and your comic gave me a little solace that there will be more eventually... which is something Ian denied us all. Take all the time you need--but, please, come back when you can.
12.19.2016, 2:31 PM
Guest (Guest)
Ill be sure to share the webcomic sa much as I can when you comr back
12.19.2016, 10:24 PM
Ravenwich (Guest)
Just want to say that the quality of this thing is incredible. Take what time you need and let us know how to support you!
12.27.2016, 5:27 AM
rozukitsune (Guest)
Hang in there. We believe in you. :)
1.29.2017, 2:41 PM
Aeri (Guest)
Bawh. When I found out there was a revival, I spent the last few days re-reading the original just to have a foundation to go through this with. Got through the revival pages in like an hour. :c Oh well. Fondly awaiting the return of the return!
1.31.2017, 9:20 PM
Delitta (Guest)
Yes, we bellieve in this, did you make a ppaypal?
2.8.2017, 3:04 PM
Unfortunately Ian has requested I not make any money off this revival, so it's not possible to raise funds for its continuation outside of my own money.
2.14.2017, 8:58 AM
Arashmin (Guest)
Depending on his wording you might still be able to ask us for support - As long as you don't profit, that should meet the demand.

I find that to be quit the shame though, especially because he obviously doesn't have any interest in its continued success, for others to enjoy and benefit from his work and to be still attributed for its creation should be enough...
2.26.2017, 12:59 AM
Kor233 (Guest)
Have you ever considered patrion?
6.19.2017, 8:47 PM
dar88 (Guest)
its ok dude am just happy its back i was a fan of it from day 1 i was there when it started and when it end i never thought i see it again but thank to u i been giving a second chance to enjoy this sweet webcomic
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