Happy Halloween! (2016)

Happy Halloween! (2016)

Happy Halloween! Today's page is late because we had a massive party last night and it's also my birthday so.

Cherry as Tracer from Overwatch. Artwork by Daniel Pinal - z4m97

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11.1.2016, 5:26 PM
Happy birthday! :)

If we are still doing questions then I have to ask:

How old are you now? ;)

Oh, and do we have ages (and typical species lifespans) for the characters?
11.1.2016, 11:19 PM
Zee McZed
Zee McZed (Guest)
Well. I can now hear Cherry with a Brit accent... and I can't get it out of my head.
11.2.2016, 6:57 AM
Ilmari (Guest)
This is funny for me to consider, since I read all English spe as kers as having English accents (varying according to apparent class) unless otherwise indicated...
11.2.2016, 2:22 AM
It's surreal to see Cherry cosplaying as a character from a video game that came out in 2016!
11.4.2016, 4:32 AM
me from kazakhstan
me from kazakhstan (Guest)
i comeback somebody
11.7.2016, 3:32 AM
me from kazakhstan
me from kazakhstan (Guest)
maybe somebody i dunno i want be meme
11.17.2016, 2:41 PM
Video James
Video James (Guest)
When are we going to pick this back up?
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