#728 - If a Jackass Screams in a Forest and No One is Around to Hear It...

#728 - If a Jackass Screams in a Forest and No One is Around to Hear It...

Longest page title ever? Ha! Longest one you've ever seen!

Detestai's "I eat meat" really sounds like a random variant of "I eat ass" instead of a response to being offered a coconut. But hey! If every webcomic page were perfect, we wouldn't have web hotdogs.

What? There's LOTS of wieners and buns on the internet. If they're not being used for internet hotdogs, I couldn't fathom what they could be for.

So, Detestai and Galgarion are on a jungle island. Nobody else is on a jungle island, to my knowledge, so it seems highly unlikely that their story will be relevant to any other stories going on currently.
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5.3.2023, 3:25 AM
Bin (Guest)
Villains are naturally drawn to abandoned islands. Preferably with dormant volcanoes.

Galgy must have the biggest, hairiest nuts to not give Detestia meat.

It always came as a shock to me that our man Ian had nothing to do with Aqua Teen Hunger Force given his work with Steven Universe.
*Both series focus on a human and three Crystal Gem powered aliens. Specifically...
*A fat human with sandals.
*The tall white one
*The African-American equivalent who is a great fighter and has electric powers.
*A short dumb round one who is a master shape shifter.
**And the voice talent of Dave Willis.

I am pretty sure that ATHF created the notion of throwing a non-explosive object that just explodes for no real reason which was used to great effect in Steven Universe. Also OKKO.
5.3.2023, 7:51 AM
I have never made those connections before. Wonderful
5.5.2023, 2:42 AM
Bin (Guest)
Ah, but see that Amish joke is about cars exploding which happens in every movie where a car crashes despite cars exploding being super rare in real life. South Park did a similar joke with a big wheel bicycle. Ironically in the episode where they parody Family Guy if I remember correctly.
But not random non-explosive stuff exploding. And in ATHF it also subconsciously highlights the cheapness of the animation by completely deleting the item in question. Meaning you don't have to show it from other angles or remember where it landed for future shots.

Oh, and I forgot.
*African American equivalent has African American Hair and is the leader of the group, and is red-ish.
5.4.2023, 10:48 AM
Ian the Great
The earliest example I can think of of a non-exploding object exploding is probably in Family Guy when Peter gets in a street race with an amish guy, and his horse and buggy crash off the road and explode. Now that's a first season episode, which would predate ATHF. That said, I would NEVER accuse Family Guy of writing an original joke, so I bet that non-explosives exploding existed before then.
5.6.2023, 9:43 AM
There's that episode of Spongebob where Squidward crashes his bike.
5.8.2023, 9:22 PM
Alantar (Guest)
Explode, not explain.
5.8.2023, 9:21 PM
Alantar (Guest)
Iirc the Spongebob example just catches fire, it doesn't explain.
Though that does draw the question of how there can be a fire under...
5.3.2023, 8:06 AM
Peteman (Guest)
If you're using a cell phone, you can just hold down your finger on the image and it'll pop up the hidden text, and if it's too long you can tap the revealed text to extend it
5.3.2023, 8:56 AM
Look here, Peteman. How dare you teach me something new about the internet.
5.3.2023, 11:12 AM
I pretty much only read stuff from Comic Fury on my desktop. Never thought to check if they had an app. Still not going to check because my old phone is very low on free memory. XP

Still handy to know the trick PETEMAN suggested. Speaking of things I don't know... I hate to suggest extra work for DOOMDRAGON6, but an "About" or "Characters" section for the comic would be handy. Why?

Okay, so I was going to point out that Destestai being so picky and demanding is perfectly in character, because she's a werecat, isn't she? And that certainly sounds like a cat. Then I realized I couldn't remember clearly if she was a werecat or some other kind of werecreature. I went to Google search and got a lot of results that did NOT tell me the answer. Then I finally remembered "Well, the whole thing about her being on her last life wouldn't make sense for a non-werecat."

Still, be really nice to have an easy way to look things up.
5.3.2023, 11:33 AM
Let's see, there's this...

But it's outdated and doesn't even mention her race.

There's the very first page of the revival that gives a brief rundown..

And I know once upon a time Ian's site had a huuuuge breakdown of everybody.

Want to volunteer to write the new info page? 😉
5.4.2023, 11:22 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
There's always TvTropes.

Heck it even has a separate entry specifically for the revival.
5.4.2023, 4:51 PM
30 sheckles to he who fills out the TV Tropes even more!!
5.4.2023, 11:06 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Just because you are good-guy doesn't mean you are good guy.
5.4.2023, 4:52 PM
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