#723 - Something Coming This Way This Way Comes

#723 - Something Coming This Way This Way Comes

Hidy ho! I'm eating an orange! AND a croissant! For breakfast? Nay, for lunch! But also yes for breakfast. I ate this exact same thing for breakfast and went "Damn! That's dandy!" and decided to have it again for lunch.

You know, I used to really not like oranges. Thought they were disgusting. Orange juice was disgusting. And with pulp? Get outta town! Now I enjoy those things. People change, is what I'm saying. But that is NOT an excuse to take back your toxic ex!!! Don't do it!!!!! Just go eat a fucking orange. Goddamn. One step at a time babes. You can try to get back your toxic ex after some time has passed, you've healed, and eaten a lot of oranges. Then you can discover that you don't WANT your toxic ex back. Because of all the oranges!

Is this making sense? *pats my lap* What? I'm supposed to pat my lap before the lesson? Look. Life can't be so rigid. Go eat an orange and see how you feel after.

Know what I'm excited for? Breath of the Wild 2!! And the Mario Movie!! And Spiderverse 2!! And the Netflix Power Rangers Movie!! You gotta have stuff to be excited for. Otherwise you might just throw yourself into a river, amirite? Am I right?... Maybe I need more oranges.

- Doomie Out (Just for now babes. Don't worry, I'll be back. I don't even like swimming.)

Here's a bonus little artwork for you guys this week by The Artful Dog. He's much funnier than I am, unfortunately.

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3.29.2023, 7:08 AM
Maybe it's cause of all the smoking, Howard
3.29.2023, 10:37 AM
Ian the Great
I'm also really excited for Tears of the Kingdom! I know it'll be great, but the thing I'm excited for that I think will be AWFUL has to be the Mario Movie. There's just something about it that's ringing all my alarm bells, but who cares! I'm gonna watch a proper Mario movie!
3.29.2023, 10:49 AM
Oh, agreed. The first teaser trailer felt pretty "good". Everything after has said to me the movie's going to be.. Hmm, cringe isn't the right word? "Safe." 100% formulaic, terrible one-liners, predictable, etc.

B U T, it looks like they're setting up an NCU (Nintendo Cinematic Universe), and if we have to go through some safe formulaic stuff to get there, I'm here for it. I predict Mario movie will be about 60% good. So mostly good, with a lot we could switch out for something better.

Tears of the Kingdom I'm also iffy on. The trailers really aren't grabbing me. If it was standalone, I wouldn't even give it another look. But since I know it's built on BotW, I have the hope/faith that it'll be something worthwhile. Very curious to see what twists they throw in to make up for using the same map and such.
3.30.2023, 10:41 AM
Ian the Great
Well for historical precedent. The last Zelda game made predominantly with assets from a previous one was Majora's Mask, which is excellent.
I for one am excited about driving a car around, and honestly just playing BotW again.
Of course for other historical precedent, the last bad mainline Zelda game was only 2 Zelda's ago (Skyward Sword), so they're not incapable of shitting the bed.
3.29.2023, 12:22 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
"I can't see the sign if you point it away from me and at the player! You need to be using captions so I can just look at the bottom of the screen at anytime to know what you're 'saying'."
4.2.2023, 5:45 AM
Bob (Guest)
Eating 10000 cheese wheels for HP might have adverse reactions.
4.2.2023, 1:51 PM
This action will have consequences.
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