#714 - Rule of Cool

#714 - Rule of Cool

Wowee! Long page! And you know what?? We ran out of buffer! (Not to be confused with Butter. Which we have also run out of.) I could have split this page into two, just to pad out the buffer a bit! But I DIDN'T! So don't ever say mommy Doom never did anything for you.

I don't have anything to say rn. There was a COVID exposure at work, so I get to work from home this week! That's neat. Never done that before. Lunches are weird. Because you just. Stay here. But you go do something else for an hour.

What's the appropriate work:home ratio?? Work work work, do dishes while a file uploads?? Send an email, fold laundry??


(Only I would have anxiety about getting to work from home.)
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11.9.2022, 3:38 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
It's hard being the comic relief character sometimes (I'm looking at you FFIV's Edward) but when dealing a literal group of rogues and harlots, you need some way to force the mini-boss fight in-story and not just have them run away.

RE: working from home - to paraphrase another webcomic artist, "No one can tell me to leave the office when I live in it." You might want to take advantage of the zero travel time from "work place" to home for emergency errands, but you really want to keep your work shift to just work and your off-hours as only off-hours.
Otherwise you might find that just as you can take care of personal business while on the clock, you'll start making excuses to take care of work business while OFF the clock and thus never really stop working.
11.9.2022, 6:28 AM
Working from home is nice when you have a long commute. I say work the same hours you would normally/how many hours a day you are supposed to work, and then the rest is home time. Don’t feel obligated to spend extra time on the clock if there’s no need for it
11.12.2022, 7:13 PM
Lim (Guest)
Eikre: Better you than me kid.
Eikre: Who's comic relief now punk.
11.15.2022, 10:00 AM
Ian the Great
I was legit expecting Eikre to get torn to shreds, since that's the kinda stuff that happens to him all the time. I forget he's a legit badass.
11.15.2022, 1:36 PM
Being cool is like running from a bear. You don't have to be the COOLEST, you just have to be cooler than SOMEBODY ELSE.
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