#713 - Sine of the Times

#713 - Sine of the Times

Howdy all! It's my BIRTHDAY! Well, not today. Yesterday. But today, right now, but not today, tomorrow, which is today, now, when you're reading it. (I schedule these in advance!) And today NOW is my birthday! But the day you read it (Today now, tomorrow), it won't be. But it will have been!


Today's page is a LONG awaited cameo by our very loyal, very deep-pocketed (did I mention loyal) Patron, Sine! He's been supporting since damn near the beginning, and he gets a cameo! He chose him as a monster goat! Goat monster. He's up there. Goat monstering. But in a helpful way!

Hope you like it, Sine. You even got a speaking role and the page named after you. But you've donated *checks* A LOT so *gestures* You get it. Let this be a lesson to you! If you give me money, you MAY(tm) end up in the comic! Yes, that's the healthy transactional relationship I strive for.

Just, uh, it might take a few years. Ulron's been waiting *checks watch* Long enough that my watch stopped working. It's coming though!! I promise!!

Anyway, uhhh, no Halloween page this year! Because I forgot! It be like that sometimes!! Happy November!!
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11.2.2022, 7:30 AM
Happy Birthday!
*Certified Snail Mail*

I also love the pun name of this page. I’m a sucker for puns and the page titles are always as fun as the page itself!
11.2.2022, 8:25 AM
I have 4 tries to make someone laugh! The comic, the page title, the blurb, and the 😎 super secret hidden comments 😎
11.2.2022, 10:45 AM
Refugnic (Guest)
You forgot number 5-x: Your responses to commentary. ;)
11.2.2022, 11:34 AM
11.3.2022, 3:31 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Rabble: "We gotta scram! We gotta skedaddle! We gotta hoof it! We gotta-"
Eikre: "We get it Rabble, let's just go already!"
Rabble: "I'm the most insignificant party member! Tuna has more characterization than me! I need all the lines I can get!"
Eikre: "We're not supposed to know who that-you know what? Fine. Continue."
Rabble: "Thank you! Now, we gotta make haste! we gotta move-it move-it! we gotta..."

Also since you recently moved, Happy (belated) Birthday just in case! I hope you got a new phone because watches feel redundant these days.
11.4.2022, 1:52 AM
Beast Within
Hey at least Rabble doesn't have a name that can lead to dumb jokes.

I mean what's the difference between a piano and a fish, doesn't quite work with Rabble.
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