#706 - Palms 3:7

#706 - Palms 3:7

3rd slap's a charm.

Did I steal this joke from Futurama? No! Is it vaguely similar?... Y-... yes. Sure.

Charmaine Asejo returns for a third page! Everybody please golf clap.
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9.14.2022, 10:31 AM
Ian the Great
I love the somber look on Rabble Rouser's face.
9.14.2022, 6:57 PM
Yeah she nailed the expression I was going for
9.14.2022, 12:55 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Well Eikre, when you look like trash, it stands to reason you're going to be treated like it as well. 😛
9.14.2022, 5:52 PM
Not gonna lie; I was on the fence with this one.

Then I read the title.

Sold! XD
9.14.2022, 6:56 PM
It's my last ditch deal clencher
9.15.2022, 11:07 AM
Ian the Great
Doom Dragon crushes it with the titles. Ebb and Foe, Making Cents, Close to the Chest. These are grade A puns and you're just dropping them every comic like it's nothing.
9.15.2022, 4:16 PM
You live by the pun or die by the pun. And I aint lookin' to get kilt.
9.17.2022, 10:27 PM
Bin (Guest)
"HEY, that dirty human is assaulting that nice monster. GET HER!"
9.20.2022, 1:49 PM
Erin (Guest)
Poor Eikre. Half way between comic relief and side story, he will never be the protagonist, but I don’t feel he deserves this. Yes, okay, he probably only joined the B Team, for Diana physically, but at least he’s there?
9.20.2022, 7:38 PM
He's getting his comeuppance for frequent gropage
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