#704 - Wish You Were Here

#704 - Wish You Were Here

Woo! Another, another artist! The illustrious Charmaine Asejo. She's not really on Discord, or like.. Ever going to see this. But clap for her anyway! Woo! She'll also be helping take the art load off Atari for a bit.

Anyway! Look! It's the poo-poo fruit from page #642! I think this page is really sweet. #347 is such a doof all the time it's easy to forget his entire family was murdered. And Plum has a soft side.

Take a rest by the fire, traveler. These quiet times won't last long.
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8.31.2022, 11:22 AM
How sweet. She's offering to be "best friends for life" with him, and he accepted. He's sharing stories about his family. (She's also gotten past her initial disgust, and it doesn't look like it's just due to ravenous hunger)

Is the music in the background, or is she humming?

I'd jokingly ask about him being 'friend-zoned', but he's still loyal to his family and doesn't seem to be looking for love elsewhere yet. (And may not ever; friendship and love lost may be where he'd prefer to stay)

The art fits in. If I didn't know otherwise, I might mistake it for Atari's work. - good style mimicry. 👍 (Looking closer, there are some subtle differences, but that's to be expected, and a good thing for the artists)
8.31.2022, 12:42 PM
I interpret it more as, she finally accepted his offer from page #642! And yeah she's humming along to herself peacefully. ☺️
8.31.2022, 1:32 PM
I believe the correct response to this turn of events is


9.4.2022, 3:17 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
The irony that in real-time those kids would be adults by now. 😛
9.4.2022, 11:45 PM
I was a wee teen when I read the original. Now I'm a sad adult
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