#703 - Shadow the Dread-Hog

#703 - Shadow the Dread-Hog

Hark! A new artist!? Sort of. Atari got Too Busy a few months back so I resorted to a few fill-in artists. This one is courtesy of our very own Discord member, Nelyion! Lookit him go. Hire him!! Give him money. So he can subscribe to our Patreon.

What's that? Didn't he make a page back on #692? Ha ha, no you silly goose.. That was a mistake on my part. I goofed! I made a goof! A silly willy goofy woofy. But I left it! Because I'm lazy I kind of liked it being like a rare error print Magic Card. This is the first true appearance of Nelyion! Behold him!

... Is he beheld? Nelyion are you held? But with a be? Okay? You are? Good.

ALSO DRAW YOUR ATTENTION TO THE PATREON TAG AT THE BOTTOM! You'll notice your name may be missing. Or your name is there when it shouldn't be! (Because you're a filthy deserter.) This page was made Back When so the tag reflects when the page was actually completed. I did this because I'm lazy I like the idea of preserving timelines or something.

Anyway! Enough meta! Let's talk the comic itself! We're back to Dragobo and Howard! We haven't seen them in a while! They're still in the jungle.

I called it Shadow the Dread-Hog because the pig looks like Shadow from Sonic. I eventually thought of a better title but I decided to leave it because I'm lazy it was too much effort to change it. Wait!! That's the same thing!!

AAAA [scream from Gorillaz - Ascension]
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8.24.2022, 10:30 AM
...did anyone else assume the pig was a reference to Ganon, in particular, his final form in Breath of the Wild?
8.24.2022, 10:55 AM
Ian the Great
There's definitely a similarity. He's got that Twilight Princess fire pig vibe. Or maybe it's just a Tepig reference.
8.25.2022, 1:49 AM
You aren't alone. I saw that Gannon similarly also.

The running strategy only works till you get to an unrunnable encounter. Or one you can't bypass: running returns you to just outside the fight and you have to fight your way through.

They aren't completely out of luck though. When devs do that, there's often at least one enemy pack that is handleable by an underleveled party, or some items/gear lying around that at least make it plausible to force your way through. (May not be easy though)
This type of area can often also be a good place for them to quickly catch up to an 'expected level'. Howard may not be interested due to his effectiveness the first time these two were on their own, but it may be good for them

Good to see Howard and Dragobo again! Howard should be grateful that Dragobo knows sign language. (Or even just occasionally in general? His cynicism is a bit one note, and it might be a good target for a little character development.)(If he wants screen time, a character building arc is a good way to get it, even if there's something at the end that unwinds all the 'progress' right at the end of it)

Is the 'not helpful' directed at the background crickets?

Welcome to our guest artist and fellow fan for this Fan Revival! Good work, Nelyion ^_^ I'm happy with this art, and think it fits in well against Ian's art from the original run. Looking forward to seeing any other art you work on for this series.
8.24.2022, 10:37 AM
Wakeangel2001 (Guest)
as long as there is no "can't escape" mechanic
8.24.2022, 10:38 AM
They'll have a fun time when they encounter their first boss
8.24.2022, 10:56 AM
Ian the Great
"What! A boss you can't escape from! We never even had a chance to level before getting to him!"
8.24.2022, 5:08 PM
Nelyion (Guest)
But if they continue to run away from things how will they ever gain Exp & Level up!? D:
8.26.2022, 1:46 AM
Some Dice and Dinner table RPGs allow XP for any handling of an encounter, whether through KOing the opponent, recruiting them to your side, or just sneaking past.

That's not typically the case for the digital games this comic is parodying. ... They'll need a different option. Rare candies?


Side inquiry: do Rare Candies come from foreign countries, holiday runs, discontinued products or the sugar being under cooked? Or are there other options needing consideration? Maybe they are made by the same company that made Donkey Kong Country?
8.27.2022, 12:28 PM
Your comments are a delightful rollercoaster
8.30.2022, 2:11 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Have you considered using a different artist for each adventurer group?
8.30.2022, 2:19 PM
I have! And that may occur. We'll see how the logistics pan out.
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