#700 - Page 700 Super Special

#700 - Page 700 Super Special

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7.6.2022, 12:58 AM
Fortuna (Guest)
Ooooooh boy. Here we go.
7.6.2022, 3:01 PM
Fortuna (Guest)
FWIW, I voted Spare. Tuna's only doing what she thought was necessary for the good of her species. Her methods might be misguided, but her motives are pure, and I can't condone killing her for that unless it's absolutely necessary.

Besides, even if she doesn't become a party member later, she (and the Skuuba in general) could be a useful ally once a better means of obtaining the freedom for the Skuuba is found. Meanwhile, killing Tuna would only drive them to further support South Corp. going forward.

Morally and pragmatically, killing Tuna would be a big mistake.
7.6.2022, 1:48 AM
Mackle (Guest)
Amazing. You guys have taken RPGWorld beyond where it started and made it something better.

And of course I picked kill. A fling doesn't excuse murder and genocide.

Can that tuna.
7.6.2022, 12:15 PM
😭 thank you

And "of course" dam u cold blooded
7.6.2022, 2:12 AM
Maggie (Guest)
Thanks for the comment about voting, I would have missed that otherwise. I voted spare.

This is the most dramatic cliffhanger the comic has had for a while. Whatever happens, I can’t wait for next werk.
7.6.2022, 2:58 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Since it seems applicable, I went with the same decision I made about fighting or forgiving Magus in Chrono Trigger: Forgive/Spare (though that didn't stop me from save scumming just to see what the immediate dialog was for fighting him).
7.6.2022, 11:33 AM
Everfreefire (Guest)
Amusingly, I initially picked "Kill" and did the fight, but due to bad habits hadn't saved after that, died at some point, and had to do it all over again.

I picked "Spare" out of curiosity, and I am glad I did.
7.6.2022, 12:14 PM
These busted save points don't help
7.6.2022, 8:48 AM
I voted kill, mostly because I think it'll make a more interesting story.
7.6.2022, 9:48 AM
Cold blooded 😆
7.6.2022, 9:10 AM
Erin (Guest)
I ..voted Kill. I admit, I never liked Reka or Tuna, or their storyline. It feels distracting. I kind of want to get back to comedy, so perhaps that’s a selfish vote.

But Reka also has a point. Neither option is great, but ..
7.6.2022, 9:48 AM
Whoof. So this has been about 100 pages of disappointment for you huh? 😆
7.6.2022, 9:53 AM
Erin (Guest)
The art and writing has been so amazing though, so despite not liking the ‘current’ storyline, everything as a whole has more than made up for it! You guys are awesome!!
7.6.2022, 10:09 AM
Haha aww, that's sweet. Thank you!
7.6.2022, 9:13 AM
Wakeangel2001 (Guest)
the bad guys always have to almost accomplish their goal only to be thwarted at the last second, killing Tuna won't stop them from getting the book
7.6.2022, 11:34 AM
Joseph Walliser
Joseph Walliser (Guest)
Oh shit this got intense, It was a hard choice but I am curious where this goes if they spare Tuna.
7.6.2022, 11:48 AM
Tatsa_All_Folks (Guest)
Tuna has done horrible unforgivable things, and it would be cathartic for Reka to end her right here and right now. But catharsis is not healthy, and right now it's a bad decision. South Corp is going to get all four books anyway; that's how these games work. Killing Tuna costs the party a very powerful character and will cement the rift that already cost them Diane, Rabble Rouser, Dragobo, and Howard. Stay the blade, Reka, you can resolve your issues with Tuna after the game is over. Friendship rages are more powerful than musty books anyway.
7.6.2022, 12:11 PM
Random Background NPC
Random Background NPC (Guest)
While I do get the impulse to Kill her... as a gamer I refuse to let any party members slip away. Case in point: Magus. Plot wise it makes sense to kill the character as they betrayed not only the party but the characters' loved ones and even the world (although to be fair the world screwed that pooch to begin with thanks to the whole "WHOA A RARE WATER MONSTER KILL IT" flawed diplomacy thing). But gaming wise, many JRPG fans would Spare her to keep a party member on hand. And her Summoning class is too useful to let go.
7.6.2022, 1:04 PM
...what if, regardless of the result, she's never going to be a party member again?
7.6.2022, 1:17 PM
Congrats, I'm not sure how I will vote, or if I even ought to.

Reka/Tuna wasn't a ship I was interested in sailing. What makes it work for the story is...

...wait for it...

...that it doesn't work. Some people meet someone, hit it off very quickly, and build a good, long term relationship off of that. Seems like those people are in the extreme minority. The rest need time to build their relationship. So these two rushing into a relationship only to have it crash on the rocks seems like good storytelling.

Which brings me to what may be a stupid question: how long has the party been in Skuuba? I know it has been around 100 pages, and quite a bit of time IRL, but in the story how long has it been?

Maybe I'm just making excuses, but feel free to answer the question anyway. XD
7.6.2022, 1:56 PM
They're on their second day! ... Plus however many times Hero slept at the Inn.
7.6.2022, 4:34 PM

Magnificent! XD

If we count Hero sleeping at the Inn, who knows how long they've... uh... known each other. Hero may have technically had them spend years doing all the side quests. XD

So maybe it was rushed, or maybe they took it slow and steady. :)

Now for the other question, though it is more rhetorical:

To metagame or not to metagame? ;)
7.6.2022, 4:42 PM
Posting this as a separate comment, because I think I am enough of a glutton for punishment to want Feedback:

I voted to spare Tuna but I also want this to come back and bite the group later on. So, don't just have this cost them the book. have Tuna show up as a late game, optional "I hate myself" caliber boss. Sort of like WarMech in the original Final Fantasy or Culex in Super Mario RPG.

I mean, so long as it can be used to tell a good story. Subverting expectations when it makes a fictional the story worse kind of defeats the point. XP
7.6.2022, 11:33 PM
Ham (Guest)
"That was too close. You were almost a Tuna Sandwich!"

You think this is some kind of joke?
What role are we to play in this sick game!
7.7.2022, 12:45 AM
Delayed comment, to collect my thoughts before pasting...

It's possible that this is a spot where the player can choose between having Reka or Tuna in the party. - From #655 Reka may already have a problem with being in the party if they work with Galgarion, due to him stabbing and killing her. If she's stopped here, it may be enough for her to leave the party over it. The Reka/Tuna relationship is likely done anyway, even if the current rage rush leaves Reka. Their one night, in #677 was a bit of a 'mind altering substance' induced scenario anyway... (Tuna may have been pre-planning it for years though. *shrug*) Them returning to a status of being ok as party members alongside each other isn't out of the realm of possibility, however. Reka just needs to remember that her father pointed out that it was his own decisions that would lead to his demise.

On the flip side, Tuna's interactions with Cherry (#662 and #682) might be enough for her to potentially step in to stop Reka... Tuna's actively been helping her in ways that wouldn't mesh with her willingly betray the party. - I don't think Tuna's allowed to come out and say it though.

Tuna still seems to me the type of character who is honest to a fault. Only able to lie by omission. -- Possibly by nature, and possibly by the changing of who she is by the 614 merging with Zeichnenian. Between that and her calling out being NPC controlled in Comic 621, I've long wondered how much ability Tuna has to do her own thing, as opposed to being restricted by the will of her people. We do know from #660 that it took a toll on her mother... potentially causing her death. - From this, even if Tuna is spared, she's not likely to join the party without resolving that in some way. -- Could make for an interesting sidequest in a game to find out what's needed to break that restriction, but in comic... it's time for the focus to shift to elsewhere. (potentially something to revisit later)

That said... Comic 649 mentions using the book to "turn the tides of south corp's play on this war." but #645 calls out that the Skuubans would prefer peace, though they've been frustrated by not being allowed to surface, and lumped in with the 'Monster' faction. The next page shows that there's still one book unaccounted for, so the loss of this one is not catastrophic on its own. (and due to plot requirements... is pretty much inevitable anyway.)

On the other hand, South Corp already has plans in motion that don't involve the books... From #559 South Corp has enough power to open the Tatsachore, and did so as of #579. #577 has them injecting multiple races energy into Jeff... potentially trying for a One-Man stand-in for the multi race confrontation that marks the transition of the ages.

It's possible, even if unlikely for the Skuubans to be using the book as a sabotage opportunity, to try to prevent a worse fate, (The message from Reka's father in #671 hints at the possibility of using the book being used in this fashion.) and/or to ensure that they will have their own influence at the next selection time. If that is the Skuuban's plan, it might also explain some of Tuna's reluctance here, especially if she thinks that plan would backfire spectacularly.

For reference: the key comic describing the natural faction power selection is in #498. Under the current conditions, it looked like we might have been headed for an era with all races in balance, rather than one side claiming it through a war. (Though I will say 'a war' is kinda how South Corp is approaching it now???) There may be a way to add a 4th party... but it's not hinted at anywhere, beyond simply "there are 4 books, but only 3 races". It's something that might be worth a try though.


As for the voting, I had considered abstaining from voting... but think I'll vote to spare. There's some potential cool plot threads that could be picked up with her still around.

That said, I would prefer if it's someone stepping in to stop Reka, rather than her deciding to stop herself, and I don't want Tuna to be able to join in the near future. I'd want a separate set of requirements before that happens. Again, from what I have above, this might be beneficial and/or out of her control, all things considered. On the other hand, even if that is the case, the way she handled it is still a betrayal, and may require some things to be done to free her to act separate from her responsibilities to the Skuubans.

Mirroring Otaku above, I say that this could lead to Reka showing up as a late game, optional superboss. (Between her now being able to use any equipment, and her robots, I think it could work well) Reka's prior plot threads are mostly resolved now, and this could be a new one for her character arc, while Tuna has some things would be interesting both as a character, and with the social dynamics she brings with her. That, if combined with Tuna being unrecruitable for a while, would be an interesting twist from a game meta-perspective. Anyone using save scumming to see which path is better would end up seeing it as a disadvantaged route, (at least temporarily: no immediate benefit, and down a character) while potentially providing new options for the 'true best ending'.


I also could see potential of trolling with the vote: taking either decision and acting like the other ... doing an illusion of choice strategy. Or at least having this as the last of the underwater pages, and switching to the other teams for 20+ pages, done by different artists, based on who returns their work when. ... only returning to Hero and Cherry, and the fallout of the decision after a few months of not seeing them.

(Side note: comic references in this post are links to the relevant comics)
7.7.2022, 1:15 AM
Separate reply... for reasons...

I'm all for a good redemption arc, but I don't think that's what's at play here, and wasn't a factor in my voting to spare. (If anything it might have been more a factor in my initially considering abstaining from voting, before I let other factors push me to vote)

Unlike Magus, this isn't really a scenario where we'd be introduced to information later that re-contextualizes their actions up to this point. Most pertinent contextual justification has already been given.

Similarly, unlike Kain from FFIV, I doubt that this is a full 'control of self compromised' situation. While Tuna may be restricted in what she can do overall, there's enough indication that she does have at least some level of agency of her own.

It's also likely not a case where there's misdirected loyalties at work. Tuna is acting on behalf of her people, but isn't happy about it. She shows signs of knowing how the party will take it, and is acting like she'll be willing to take a beating either as a result of inevitability (Heroes at work, even if she thinks they might be misguided) and/or as penance for her own actions.

This isn't shaping up as being a redemption arc, and similarly, I don't think she should be allowed to use a 'redemption arc solution' to get off the hook for her betrayal. (Even if that's not something she desires.)
7.7.2022, 7:49 AM
I always enjoy your very in-depth responses and thought processes.
7.7.2022, 9:32 AM
rozukitsune (Guest)
7.7.2022, 10:54 AM
7.8.2022, 3:02 PM
Talented Fox
Talented Fox (Guest)
Voted to Spare. Narratively speaking, South Corp. is likely to gain control over the books at some point regardless of party action. I think if they're going to struggle to save the world — it should be a world they can feel is worth living in, and that includes potential ramifications of their own actions.

Basically, the whole "he who fights monsters" idiom affected my outlook.
7.9.2022, 6:05 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
If it ties, are you going to kill Tuna and then reanimate her as undead? Will she become the tall vampire lady as predicted in the fanart of legend?
7.10.2022, 11:34 PM
Ham (Guest)
If its a tie they can just kill her and then revive her with a Phoenix Down (or whatever), or the time machine, or she is part cat, or the giant Zeichnenian pool (where Tuna bathed recently) does something.
I assume that if either traditional outcome activates we would get the same info dump about how her death is for realziez.... but scrap that if its a tie.
7.11.2022, 11:09 AM
MorkelebOfShadows (Guest)
Going with spare. Reka has plenty of justification in taking her out - not the least of which is the practical reality (viewer knowledge that SC will probably get the books eventually notwithstanding, but your choice whether OOC knowledge effects your vote) that slaying Tuna will dismiss her summon and give a chance to recover the book.

However... While I think it's unlikely they will patch up what is between them, I think killing her will ultimately be bad for Reka. Immediate satisfaction of revenge typically proves rapidly hollow, self-damaging, and regretful. Comments that it would be back for the party's cause in terms of finding inter-racial peace alhave merit, and the Skuuba as a people don't seem inherently cruel by any stretch, despite a fair amount of justification to behave more vindictive.

Ultimately, as well... Giving Tuna mercy is both a kindness and the cruelest thing she could endure. Death just ends it. Being left to dwell on the consequences on the other hand? She'll likely suffer more than any beating they could give her - and perhaps come out the other side wiser for it.
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