#696 - Navel Combat

#696 - Navel Combat

Goodness gravy, it's FRIDAY here! Last Friday, not this Friday. This Friday would be too late. Point is!! I'm scheduling this way too early. But I won't have TIME later!! I fell earlier, and my WATCH broke, letting all the time out, and it scurried away. Now I must beg for time scraps like some kind of time peasant. Time pauper? What am I supposed to do? Find some Time Princess and switch places with her?? With these hairy legs??? I'll be found out in a second! 🤔 Hmm.. UNLESS.. I add more TIME--

Where the hell am i

PAGE! Yes, yes, there certainly is one up there. *gestures vaguely at it* Please perceive the.. words? And colors? Yes! A multitude of colors. And a multitude of words! All gelling in harmony. Creating an experience, that you've chosen to receive. I hope you've enjoyed the experience! Check back next week for another experience. There will certainly be a lot of them. Until there are no more! Ominous.

-- Doomie out
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6.8.2022, 1:30 AM
Ham (Guest)
Hero: so the barrier can only absorb melee attacks. That means I just need to... hit it even harder.
*What? It worked for All Might.

You would expect Tuna to be a high damage mage or support healer. Instead she went full tank.
6.8.2022, 7:18 AM
She's just got BS boss mechanics 😩
6.8.2022, 6:11 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
I choose to believe party characters that double as bosses are a combination of exceptionally powerful and extremely lazy.
"Oh ya, now that I've joined you, I only have 4-digit HP instead of the 5-digit HP you had to burn through just for me to end the encounter and declare it a DRAW."
"No, I don't have that full-party hitting nuke anymore now that I've joined you. Just the standard spells all the rest of you have access to."
"I know in previous cutscenes I could just blow all of you away with a wave of my hand. I can't do that now even though it'd send the villain off the cliff and bring a successful end to this entire adventure because I'M IN THE PARTY. What part of this are you not getting?"
6.8.2022, 11:32 AM
Mackle (Guest)
Navel combat. I love it.
6.15.2022, 12:51 AM
Don't be a time pauper, or beggar. Be a Time Bandit! The hairy legs should fit right in.

Tuna has reached the Avatar state, eyes glowing. Possibly consuming all of her life force in the process, collapsing on her own after a preset number of turns.

As she says, she doesn't need to win, so she may be expecting a heroic sacrifice here. If so, we need a 'power of love' intervention.

Reka, you're up!
Unless that's the wrong type of love? Hero, Cherry, time to make it work! ..? Um. She may not survive if that's the requirement...
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