#694 - That Sinking Feeling

#694 - That Sinking Feeling

Hi all! It's Sunday. For me. Not for you. My bones hurt. Yours probably don't. But they might! If so, post that your bones hurt. We can be in bone-hurt solidarity. I'm attempting to fix my bones. Turns out they're all over the place! Wild stuff.

Hero, Reka, and Cherry's bones probably hurt too. Or at least their skin. Possibly muscles!

I have too many things to do to make an interesting Author Comment!! What do you want from me!! Aaaaaa!!
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5.25.2022, 1:36 AM
Bih (Guest)
Tuna is just terrible here.
Eikre and Jeff specifically are disgusted by this horrible display.
A truly awful and horrendous villain.
Because this right here is THE opposite of monologuing.
She doesn't EVEN CACKLE!
5.25.2022, 7:30 AM
You know it's bad when the boss doesn't even tell you why they're killing you.
5.25.2022, 5:38 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
"What do you want from me!! Aaaaaa!!"
I want your bones to not-hurt. 😢
5.25.2022, 7:29 AM
Bless you ♥️🙏
5.25.2022, 10:19 AM
Huh, so far my bones don't really hurt today, and I am appreciative of that. Don't know how often I've mentioned it before, but I'm a fatty. As in, at my worst I weighed 530 lbs. (240.4 kg) level of North American fatty. I've lost a lot over the last year and a half, but I've been overweight my entire life (and morbidly obese probably 90% or more of it), so my bones have an excellent reason to take issue with me. Especially at the joints. >.>
5.25.2022, 11:49 AM
Praise the gods of Bones Not Hurting-ness! 🙏🙌
5.25.2022, 11:12 AM
I wonder if this is 'obligation' or 'compulsion' at this point.

I don't think Tuna wants to have to fight them any more than they want to fight her. Saying that explaining will make things worse + implying that this isn't what she wants either: I'm guessing that she thinks the Sky an reasons are dumb, and that she may even agree with the counterarguments she anticipates Hero and co. to use.

If that is the case, it definitely makes the situation trickier. Might need to do a knockout on her to be able to leave the battle, and then try to convince the Skuban leaders before she's back up.

I wonder if a 'one-on-one battle while my party escapes' gambit is even an option? Probably not, but it was, Reka's likely the most beneficial to hang back. - Closest connection with the Skubans, while not being required at the change of the era.
5.25.2022, 11:48 AM
I always enjoy your thorough analyses 🙂
5.25.2022, 11:42 PM
Big (Guest)
I guess they don't want to fight.
She doesn't want to have to peel their flesh from their bones.
And they don't want to get viscously slaughtered.
5.26.2022, 2:10 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Mechanically speaking (because game mechanics are actively being employed in Tuna's gambit), the fight would have to have been STARTED as a one-on-one or needs to end via a non-standard trigger (timer, damage threshold, event trigger, etc.) and then re-initiated as a one-on-one battle.
The only other option is a generally-boss-only ability that forcibly removes someone from the battle (such as the infamous Sneeze skill from FFVI).
5.25.2022, 11:44 AM
Ian the Great
I twisted my ankle on Sunday and now I'm limping everywhere I go. I dunno if that's a bone or a muscle that hurts, but I guarantee that it hurts. Almost as much as Tuna's betrayal. Nothing like slamming everybody for 400 damage and then saying, "don't make this hurt more than it has to." Jeez Tuna, it's not always about you.
5.25.2022, 11:48 AM
"Please just let me kill you so I can move on with my life"
5.27.2022, 9:58 AM
Mackle (Guest)
Eh? Bones hurt? Everything okay, dude? Nothing serious, I hope.
5.27.2022, 11:40 AM
I am old, Gandalf
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