#693 - Fizzle

#693 - Fizzle

tfw you can summon an angsty teen but not a water dragon when the fate of the world depends on it, amirite?

No really, am I right?? Is this it? Did I capture how that feels? I feel like this is how *I* would feel. But I'm not an underwater videogame elf. So. *shrugs* If you know any underwater videogame elves, hook a brother up. I desire to know them.

What? Cherry is an underwater videogame elf? No no, she is a webcomic underwater videogame elf. I get why you're confused, though. I know. I, too, would have loved to meet her. Alas, she is a webcomic underwater videogame elf, and we cannot meet. However, if you know a real underwater videogame elf-

[DoomDragon6's internet privileges have been revoked.]
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5.18.2022, 12:35 AM
Ham (Guest)
Upping your friendship link thingy messes up your combat stats?
"Persona" lied to me.
5.18.2022, 1:57 PM
Only if your Friendship Link Thingy meter has been filled then SHATTERED!
5.18.2022, 12:01 PM
Leviathan has proven to be difficult to summon. Maybe it would have been better to 'summon bigger fish' instead. (Darths and Droids)

Summon 'Tiger Shark' might have also been interesting. Maybe grab the same one Tuna commands?

🍒 definitely has a cocktail of emotions here. Tears in her eyes; probably also betrayal, hurt, anger, and desperation. Angsty Intern might even have a situational boost, in her current state. (That's not a pun on burnt in water. This is)

As for a Real underwater videogame elf... Your best shot would be at a Sea World or other large aquarium on Oct 31, or near a comic/entertainment convention. You could potentially catch some cosplayers there then. --Side note: would you count Nissa from MTG? She's been in video games, kinda, but is much more associated with the Card side of things.
5.18.2022, 1:59 PM
I sometimes wonder if Cherry even knows what she's summoning half the time. (No I don't. I'm the writer.)

Hmm, Real Life Cosplay Underwater Video Game Elf.. We're getting into some Olympic qualifiers here.
5.18.2022, 2:03 PM
Olympic qualifier? What event?

100m Hurdles?
5.18.2022, 5:26 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Know what else is unstable Cherry? Your art style! (Though kudos to Nelyion, I didn't even notice something was off until today's comic compared to yesterday's comic.)

Comic cameos are easier to summon because someone else has already done the hard part of creating the character design. And then teens are the purest form of monsters; thriving in instability and chaos, making them even easier to summon.
Unfortunately, the downside to comic cameos is that they can only ever be summoned once.
5.18.2022, 10:33 PM
This is really funny because the "Page Art by Nelyion" was a goof from me. Both are still by Atari. lol! #692 will be like a valuable MtG error misprint or something.
5.19.2022, 8:50 AM
Mackle (Guest)
The more I look at Reka's mouth in that first panel, the more confused I get
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