The Before Times

The Before Times

Before Atari and well before the comic went live, there was an artist already set for RPGW: FR! His style was going to be much closer to the originals. Want to see more? Head on over to our Discord's COMIC DISCUSSION channel! There's a bunch more concept art, and even the very first completed page in his style!

Artist: Blaze45 (Edit: Now known as SensouSanka)

We were making really good progress!!! We were all set to get started back up mid-February. I've even got some of the next arc's pages written and sketched. But then Atari got COVID! Nooooo!
I haven't heard from him in 5 days.
.... I'm sure he's fine.

ANYWAY! We're getting there. Goal is start back up March-ish? March-ish. Lord. A whole year hiatus. If anyone wants to just like donate a @#$%load of money I can pay Atari for like a whole year's worth and just whip him til he does it.

Anyway yeah come join us on Discord it's a lot of fun!!!
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2.9.2022, 2:12 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
When it rains it pours. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You COULD go back to sketchy theater. But honestly we waited on a 1-year hiatus before, we can wait again. It's nice you're at least giving us notice of delays and setbacks (unlike a number of authors who have not made a word in YEARS, multiple, with their last blurb being, "Will be back shortly!" -__- ).
2.19.2022, 12:17 PM
Ingonyama (Guest)
I...I'm caught up. I'm actually caught up. On a webcomic that I love. There must be some mistake. That NEVER happens.

I read IJQ's original about a decade ago, and then promptly forgot everything just in time to go in to this practically blind.

Just chiming in to say I really love this, it feels like a genuine labor of love and blazes its own trail (much like another beloved JRPG revival which I ALSO adore).

I hope Atari is well/gets well soon. I'll be following along going forward from here!
2.20.2022, 9:51 PM
Hurrayyy! Thank you for the kind words! I always love getting a new reader! How'd you find us? :D Also, join the Discord if you like! Buncha cool cats over there. Also some humans.
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