Happy Holidays! (2021)

Happy Holidays! (2021)

Happy Holidays, everybody!! We're not dead. We're just unconscious. Waiting for SOMEBODY (Donald) to heal us!

Pages are progressing! Slowly, but progressing. In fact, this is a placeholder holidays image! It was gonna be something else, but Atari ran out of time. So STAY TUNED! For the.. the.. POST CREDITS secret holidays image! Yeah, yeah that's it.

Either way, eat, drink, be merry, be kind to your fellow people. See you in a week or so for New Year's! Woot!

*I do NOT have my contacts n while I'm typing this. Why not? They're in the other room and I'm in this room, silly. And I am squinting like an old Pixar character who lost his glasses. If you see any typos, feel free to keep them! Put them in your pocket. Save them for later, they're worth points at the end.
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12.25.2021, 2:57 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Funny thing, I'm reading your post made without contacts while I'm not wearing my glasses. My glasses, by the way, are literally less than a foot away from me.

Sometimes lazy is as lazy does.
12.25.2021, 10:07 AM
Birds of a feather, read webcomics together 😌✊
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