Sketchy Theatre #18 - Fish Shtick

Sketchy Theatre #18 - Fish Shtick

Good God! Great Scott! Holy Mackerel! (Heh, fish pun.) It's a second Sketchy Theatre in a row! Could this be?... A return to form!?!?!?!?

... No.

Wait. I mean. Yes! Yes, that's what's happening. I think. I believe? It's the attempt!

That is to say, if there are any delays, the blame lies solely on ATARI'S shoulders this time! Mua ha ha! I have sent him dozens of scripts! If pages don't come out on time it's purely due to him being a LAZY BONES! What with his, you know, child and wife and family-having.

What a nerd. Not like me. Sitting on my couch, getting scoliosis from my terrible posture, not talking to anybody for 2 days straight, writing words my little fictional characters say to each other. I'm a chad.

What was I doing here.. Oh! Right! Fish shtick! Hah! Like Tuna hasn't seen Reka eat fish before. HEYOOOO! *swings fake golf club* You know what, that-- that's taking it too far. I don't have golf clubs. I don't even have fake golf clubs. I shouldn't lie to you like that.

Wanna know what the real joke is here? What the hell does Atari think fish sticks are? That thing still has its skin and its fins are still attached. I do not want to know what fish sticks are like in the Philippines. But it was hilarious so I left it in. And what is art if not something to provoke thought?

But not provoke thots. That's sexual harassment.

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11.15.2021, 11:55 PM
Ham (Guest)
"What is she doing on the phone?"
"Surfing the web"

The box says
on Sticks
but it got cut off.

Not really that much of a fo-pah. If she were to start eating chicken, or steak, or bacon, or dog, or monkey, we wouldn't mind much. And sea life eats other sea life. And RL tuna eat fish.
11.16.2021, 8:09 PM
I dunno man if you were eating monkey in front of me I'd have something to say
11.16.2021, 11:29 PM
Ham (Guest)
Well yea. I guess I would be shocked if I saw my nephew being devoured in front of me.
11.18.2021, 6:26 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
I get it!
11.21.2021, 1:28 AM
ProfHaystacks (Guest)
What about Chicken of the Sea?
11.16.2021, 4:56 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
The way Reka is holding and eating (with the food having some resistance to being torn apart) makes me think Atari thought you meant fish ON A stick skewered shish kabob style. The way it's being eaten looks exactly like one of those generic meat with a bone end on each end just with a fish in the middle instead of a dark brown cylinder.

The part I think is the funniest about this is the fridge logic (heh) that if you have a freezer in an underwater environment, it should be a solid block of ice in there.

EDIT: I found the mouseover text by accident after posting and leaving the mouse idle while I poured some cereal.
11.16.2021, 8:09 PM
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