#534 - On a Silver Platter

#534 - On a Silver Platter

More like on a SEVIL platter, am I right?? Eh? Anybody?
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8.2.2016, 12:00 PM
I still feel like I need to go back to the start and re-read everything again, which is why I've been holding off from commenting... but I just want to say that the new pages have been so well-written, well-drawn and really hearken back so well to the heart of RPG World, I am absolutely coloured impressed and can't wait for more! <3 Keep at it please and I hope to dive back into the old archives and revitalise my memory some day soon XD;;
8.2.2016, 12:26 PM
Thank you so much! You don't know how much comments like that mean to me. :)
10.12.2016, 8:01 AM
rufiangel's reason for not commenting has been the same as mine; I really felt the need to regain my familiarity with events but screw it I'm reading it now and I'll deal with rereads another time. :P
10.12.2016, 8:56 AM
Haha, hope you enjoy!
10.20.2016, 1:13 AM
Very much so, yes.
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