#673 - Zeich-Ball Champion

#673 - Zeich-Ball Champion

Howdy all! No prophetic visions today. Giving that shit up. We're back to one page a week for the time being-- I may pop up to 2-page weeks if I feel like the pacing needs a kick, but for the most part we're out of those woods. If we hadn't done the two pages, we'd still be on page 668. Isn't that nonsense?

Anyway! Very many many times while writing these pages, I've asked myself "Is this too much?" But then I said "Fuck it, we're doing Spongebob rules". And if you don't happen to have that handbook handy, it's a book that opens straight up to "You can do whatever the fuck you want." They had it rain in that show. Underwater. And notoriously there's the campfire scene, but they actually lampshaded that one. The rain was played straight, dawg. (This was in the "they accidentally murdered a health inspector" episode.)

While we're on the topic of Spongebob, you guys know I like Undertale right? Well when you hear Sans's "talking" blips sound, I instantly went "Hah, I imagine he probably sounds like Patrick from Spongebob." And everybody was always like "Haha, nah, he probably sounds like-" and said whatever they said after that, because I stopped listening.



This reminds me of (tangent incoming) ANOTHER TIME I was watching Jay Leno as a kid with my parents, and they were going around asking people if they could identify how kind someone was based on just their eyes. So they'd ask, then reveal who the person was. And every time, I'd be like "Oh, that's Saddam Hussein" or "That's the Pope", or "That's Mel Gibson" and every single time I was right, and my parents were like "How are you doing this??" and I was like "How are you NOT???"

Like I don't know man, that kind of stuff really makes me wonder if the ability to identify people or what kind of person they are just by kind of sizing them up is a weird skill or something.

This reminds me of ANOTHER-
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1.13.2021, 3:07 AM
Beast Within
Knew this would happen.
1.13.2021, 3:35 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
In fairness, this game HAS been running for YEARS. So TECHNICALLY it took the player/Hero years to become champ.
1.13.2021, 8:04 AM
Is underwater fireworks really that much of a surprise? They might even exist in the real world, but I need to hurry and a quick Google search just shows some pretty - but not literal underwater fireworks - experiments for kids. ;)
1.13.2021, 10:12 AM
Mackle (Guest)
That art in the fourth panel of Cherry is exceptionally well done. Kudos Atari
1.13.2021, 10:13 AM
Ian the Great
"The dark lord has summoned a giant meteor that will be here in 24 hours!"
*Grind for 30 in-game hours to be the best at Chocobo Racing/Gwent/Blitzball*
"We only have 23 hours left to stop the giant meteor!"
1.13.2021, 5:22 PM
Mah (Guest)
I'm with Cherry. I also don't get how fire works here. BOOOOOOOOOOOM.

Though to be fair us RL humans are real good at making stuff blow up underwater.

Becoming a Zeich-Ball champ takes years. Unlike becoming a world-class warrior and/or Summoner Guardian. And randy off the street can be one of those guys.

'Make a name for themselves'. SQUEE Does that mean we learn Hero's actual name? Or does did he just rename himself something doofy like "can't dress himself properly".
Though to be fair we didn't even know Tidus's "real" name because OH CHRIST his story(s) is(are) as convoluted as his wardrobe.
1.14.2021, 12:13 PM
Wakeangel2001 (Guest)
underwater fire isn't THAT out there, as there are some things that burn underwater such as thermite, of all the underwater combustion things fireworks are actually the most realistic since burning thermite already looks like fireworks.
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