Author Used "Plea!"

Author Used "Plea!"



UPDATE: We've gotten past the $120 mark! That means an RPGW:FR keychain will be in the works and sent to Patrons. Please keep going! If we hit the $150 mark or even higher, a whole lot of possibilities open up, and pages can become even more regular, plus benefits (like NSFW voting) can start back up!


Whoops! Another filler page. Atari is in the middle of a move right now, so we're a bit behind. So behind, in fact, that we've run plumb out of pages! Ain't that just the worst?

It is, actually! That means MISSED UPDATES! An unresolved comic, in the middle of a BOSS FIGHT no less! It's unprecedented! Never before in the history of RPG World---


"How can I help???" I hear you shouting desperately, fists plummeting into your pockets for spare change.

Easy! Atari can't live on the meager scraps I throw him. So he has to work on other commissions to survive. I want to throw him better scraps! Sexier scraps! So that he may flourish and thrive.

That's where you come in! The best way to ensure this comic keeps going, is to throw FAT WADS at our faces!

You can do that by heading to our Patreon:


And please choose an amount that's sustainable to you! $1? $5? $7? Anything helps! Heck, if we got 10 people at the $12 mark, that would make a monumental difference. Just 10 people! For the price of a Taco Bell run! (An ambitious Taco Bell run, but a Taco Bell run nonethless!)

If a month's worth of RPGW:FR brings you the same amount of joy as a Taco Bell run, please consider becoming a Patron! And remember, it supports not just the comic, but the community as well! More pages means more opportunities for us all to chat in the comments and be goobers every week. And if you've joined the Discord, even more so! We're chatting every day in there and having lots of fun.

So please! Consider joining! If even just a handful of you loyal readers or lurkers pledge in the $5 - $12 range that makes a significant difference.


So, with that, enjoy this filler page! It's concept art from waaaaaay back when I was first putting this project together, with my first of 3 potential artists, Blaze45.
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3.18.2020, 12:58 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
I had to check the old comics to see if Podderhead had gotten his arm back after time-resurrecting Reka (nope!).

Hope the move goes well.
3.18.2020, 9:44 AM
I'm glad you checked because I could easily see forgetting to tell our artist he's missing an arm
3.18.2020, 11:50 AM
So for anyone reading the comments after the comic...

...if you do have some disposable income, think about tossing some of it DOOOMDRAGON6 and Atari's way.

No, I'm not giving any. I currently have no source of income and am lucky my family hasn't kicked my worthless butt to the curb while I try to sort out a lot of self-inflicted problems.

To those who are already or about to start contributing, though, I say "Thank you!".

I'm not sure why, I enjoy this comic so much. I prefer the older Final Fantasy titles to FF7. I didn't read the original RPG World until after this revival caught my eye, nor do I recall being a fan of the original creator's work. We just have a fun little strip going here, and while we're not all bosom buddies, we have a friendly little online community here.
3.18.2020, 12:09 PM
Thanks man, I appreciate that :)
3.18.2020, 4:25 PM
Ian the Great
I pumped my measly donation up a little bit. Way as I figure it is that we should start spending money while it's still worth something. In three months when the road warriors come into town you won't be able to buy guns and ammo with money, so you may as well use it now.
3.18.2020, 7:32 PM
Very sound reasoning, and I absolutely appreciate your support! I always enjoy seeing your comments
3.19.2020, 8:48 AM
Chupa (Guest)
hmmmmm maybe a penny could fit my budget (you gotta do it to em)
4.9.2020, 2:09 PM
You probably don't check back this far, but I got slowed down on all my webcomics due to this whole thing (and being an IT guy during it). That said, you picked up at least one more patron late. Huzzah!
4.9.2020, 2:56 PM
Ayy, I'm also IT! Lotta fun right now.

Jokes on you, I get notifications on every comment 😎

But in all seriousness thanks a bunch! It seriously helps and I was excited to see the notification. If you're in the Discord let me know and I'll grant your permissions!

Again, much appreciated 😁
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