#631 - Dead Interns

#631 - Dead Interns

This wasn’t in the job description!!

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2.19.2020, 12:42 AM
Refugnic (Guest)
Why am I suddenly reminded of that one key scene from 'The Incredibles'?

Oh wait, right: 'The only thing that could destroy it is...itself!'

But he wouldn't go smashing himself in a desperate attempt to swat the little fly climbing around on him...would he?
2.19.2020, 1:02 AM
That would be a wonderful tactic!

.... If they hadn't popped his arms off.
2.19.2020, 2:40 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Can't help but notice that white space beneath panel 3 where Reka's dialog could have gone and that Reka is blushing. Makes me wonder if you intentionally have Atari draw you parts that you can cover up with dialog boxes to be cheeky or if you're just an opportunist. ;)

Also side-boob in panel 4! Not that that's really anything noteworthy next to Tuna but still; why not point it out?
2.19.2020, 8:27 AM
It's funny you're the 2nd person to point out the tasteful sideboob and I hadn't even noticed. I'm too busy stressing where to put dialogue bubbles
2.20.2020, 9:03 AM
Ian the Great
Bubbles of a different variety.
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