#626 - If It Ain’t Broke

#626 - If It Ain’t Broke

Hidy ho, adventurers! I don’t have much to say about this page.


:D *does a little dance!*
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1.15.2020, 12:25 AM
Refugnic (Guest)
That's a credo found in many professions.

In software development, it's often softened to: 'If nobody complains, it works good enough.' :D
1.15.2020, 6:10 AM
Beast Within
Maybe she should ask it to free the two prisoners.
1.15.2020, 7:23 AM
She's not very creative, is she.
1.15.2020, 9:19 AM
Ian the Great
Ooh, looks like we're using the FFX summon rules, where you control them for a while after summoning them, rather than having a cut scene do a boatload of damage. No lie FFX has the best combat mechanics of any of the final fantasies I've played. All for the low low cost of one of the worst plots!
1.15.2020, 12:27 PM
GilgaFresh (Guest)
Ooh, but all previous summons (I think) have been cutscene attacks! Howard's, Cherry's, and Galgarion's linked in the previous page were cutscenes. Tuna's, however, appears to work FFX with rules. Maybe the summon rules are Summoner-dependent?

Or: we're just making things up as we go
1.15.2020, 8:20 PM
TatsaAllFolks (Guest)
The summon style being summoner-dependent would be pretty cool! Still, given that this battle introduces a bunch of strange new mechanics, it's possible this is an exception.
I suppose we'll find out if Tuna joins the party.
1.16.2020, 9:46 AM
Ian the Great
You know why? DLC! See the original game ends at Galgarion's headquarters in what is frankly an unsatisfying and kinda rushed ending, so the developers created a new ending with DLC that includes having Galgarion as a party member, going to a new underwater region, and brand new combat mechanics! This whole reboot is an expansion pack!
1.15.2020, 11:15 AM
piece of pastry
piece of pastry (Guest)
That's not entirely true. The real engineer credo is technically: if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet.
1.15.2020, 1:56 PM
That sounds more like the Handyman's Corner (of Red Green) motto:

"If it ain't broke, you're not trying!"
1.15.2020, 2:13 PM
Mackle (Guest)
Just wanted to say I appreciate the little dance.

(Also: keep up the amazing work! I'm more hooked on this story than I was with the original!)
1.15.2020, 2:16 PM
Dang, really!? I appreciate that. It's probably the slow, slow, slow pacing of one page a week ;)

We're having fun doing it though!
1.16.2020, 11:15 AM
Mackle (Guest)
Don't mind the pacing at all, we all know you're doing your best :)

But the writing, humour, and art are top notch. I haven't been this invested in a world and its characters since One Punch Man. You guys are killing it!
1.19.2020, 11:16 PM
Dang, that's a hell of a compliment! To be fair Ian built this world and characters, but I'm glad I can extend them just a bit to create something enjoyable!
1.16.2020, 4:25 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
I mean, being able to attack multiple times in a single round can be a game breaker when there's a damage cap.
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