#622 - There’s a Battle for the Door in the Attic of the Sanctum in the City at the Bottom of the Sea

#622 - There’s a Battle for the Door in the Attic of the Sanctum in the City at the Bottom of the Sea

It’s no secret-- nor is it particularly well known-- it merely just IS-- that I was a huuuge huge fan of the Nuklear Power webcomic back in the day. It easily heavily influenced my humor and writing style, and certainly started my interest in webcomics at a young age, particularly of the fantasy comedy drama.

Why tell you all this? Well, because this page very vaguely reminds me of this joke in Nuklear Power.

Only, so very, very vaguely.
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12.18.2019, 6:59 AM
Beast Within
Hmm, so are they going to get through the door, only to have to go back to get the weapon they left behind? Then face the door again?
12.18.2019, 10:14 AM
So you suggest that enemies, including doors, respawn once the room is left? Hmm 🤔
12.18.2019, 9:16 AM
Ian the Great
One thing that blows me away about Nuklear Power was that it actually ended. In those early days of webcomics it never seemed like anybody ever finished what they started, so I really respect that it got to a satisfying, and surprisingly well drawn, ending.
12.18.2019, 10:12 AM
12.18.2019, 4:02 PM
Lurker (Guest)
15 attacks from Hero will open the door, unless he friendship rages/Sevil rages. What's Cherry's damage-per-turn?

...Wait a minute, who uses a hammer to open a door when you have a thief? I hope Cherry just bypasses the lock and gives us a sarcastic glare.
12.18.2019, 4:58 PM
You assume Hero can survive 15 attacks from a door
12.19.2019, 9:55 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Does the door know Ninth Dimension/Disrupt? ;)
12.19.2019, 7:26 AM
iamzid (Guest)
that door has enough hp that hero should be able to build his break attack bar up to do a sweet finisher move.
12.20.2019, 3:37 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
I wonder if there's a hidden waist-high chair boss you can fight so that you can finally get past that particular insurmountable obstacle.

I guess it's the trade off to being a protagonist in an RPG: You can enter any home and take all their stuff, but you can't get past light furniture. The ol' chair in front of the door trick is probably the best way to protect yourself from intrusion from RPG protagonists.
12.23.2019, 12:58 AM
Guest (Guest)
One of the best bits of Nuklear Power was how in strip 200 ish (while BM is on the tip of a flying ship that is at max speed) we get this random bit of dialogue from nobody back and forth. All moody and "we knew it would come to this" and "there was no other way". And then at the end of the story RM and BM have that conversation (almost identical).

And after the door they face.... THE FLOOR

This is literally the kind of boss you would fight in NGU Idle. And with similar stat differences.
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