#616 - You Shunk My Intern-Ship

#616 - You Shunk My Intern-Ship

Y’all. 80% of the fun of this comic is coming up with Page Titles.

So! *swings a chair backwards and sits in it 90′s cool-guy teacher style* Let’s chat. We've finally hit our buffer. Atari hasn't been able to churn out pages like he has in the past, so production has slowed down quite a bit. Again, he's got that whole "family man" thing. With "responsibilities" and "a wife" and "children". *shudders*

So please bear with us! We're chugging along. We do appreciate your continued support and comments! You guys wouldn't believe how much it helps.

I've got a really interesting potential job opportunity coming up, so who knows? Maybe I can sustain this comic on my OWN soon! Actually pay Atari a reasonable wage! Wouldn't that be tight af?

It would. It would be tight af.

Thanks all!
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11.6.2019, 12:02 AM
Stupid E-boy
Stupid E-boy (Guest)
I love the new panel! It’s okay if there’s a break on the strip. Whatever works for you and Atari. (I like Shiro’s design) <3
11.6.2019, 9:55 AM
Lurker (Guest)
"People die, and Tuna dances"

Had to do a double-take on the onomatopoeia when the door opened. Thought it said "Need Blood". Gave me some serious chills about Zeichenian (or however it's spelled), but on closer inspection it was just a computer sound!

Anybody else getting a villain vibe from the summoner?
11.6.2019, 10:03 AM
HAHA. "need blood". Yeah I can see that now. Much more terrifying
11.6.2019, 5:51 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
In fairness, oil is basically machine blood (it really isn't, but that's how it's treated in media).
11.6.2019, 8:42 PM
Hobo With an Oboe
Hobo With an Oboe (Guest)
No, oil is ship blood.
11.6.2019, 10:56 AM
Thanks for the update about the buffer.

Take the time you need; you two do good work.
11.6.2019, 5:54 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Take your time with the comic. I understand with all these Tuna scenes, it takes the artist longer to draw all that additional mass the normal cast lack. ;)
11.8.2019, 1:11 AM
Ian the Great
That's what I call Tuna Cans!

No but seriously, if there's anyone who understands a hiatus, it's RPG World fans.
11.8.2019, 10:51 AM
11.7.2019, 9:46 AM
Mackle (Guest)
Good luck with the job opportunity! We're all rooting for you!
11.8.2019, 10:51 AM
Aww, thaaanks!
11.8.2019, 2:48 PM
Guest (Guest)
Intern Guy
Panel 2 2019 - Panel 6 2019
11.8.2019, 5:36 PM
I laughed out loud at this
11.9.2019, 7:31 AM
R.C.D (Guest)
But if you’re working...how can strips be made? These page titles don’t just *happen!*

Nah, whatever slowdown occurs, it’s fine. Heck, I didn’t even read this new strip until today, so who knows if I’ll even notice a delay!
11.12.2019, 9:52 PM
Guest (Guest)
Support this comic on your OWN? Isn't that what patreon is for? Don't take that away from us!

Actually pay Atari a reasonable wage? Reasonable is relative. ;D He's been willing to do it at the rate you're currently using, though I'm sure he'd appreciate the extra income.

That said, good luck with the job opportunity! May it provide you purpose, and remove burdens, while still leaving time for the things you love. (Including this comic, for as long as you have a passion for it!)

This time of year tends to get busy for most people, so not having the comic each week may, almost, get lost in the busyness. Additionally, I'd *much* prefer a comic scale back it's release cycle than for it to discontinue completely before the story reaches a good stopping point.
Rich Burlew's comic, Order of the Stick, has been at an indeterminate pace for some time now, but it's still in the comics I check regularly.
11.12.2019, 9:57 PM
Whoops. This is mine.

Also: when did the water rats hook up with Doc Ock? Or... maybe the rats are trying to repair the system, and the mechanical arm is just there coincidentally. ^_^
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