#612 - Techno-Babble, er, Bubble

#612 - Techno-Babble, er, Bubble

Question: Which of these are real things, which ones could theoretically be real things, and of the ones that are absolutely not possibly real things, what do they do in this world?

I’ve always enjoyed campy techno-babble and firmly believed that if you techno-babble something hard enough, it’ll work!

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10.9.2019, 8:31 AM
Beast Within
I've always like Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.
10.9.2019, 4:33 PM
Ian the Great
Like putting too much air in a balloon!
10.9.2019, 10:43 AM
Ian the Great
That first panel is very pretty.
10.9.2019, 6:13 PM
R.C.D. (Guest)
Someone went to town on those bubble effects. And I’m loving it. It really makes ya think, “Wow, those are some water resistant wooden crates.”
10.10.2019, 2:30 AM
Mackle (Guest)
I love this comic even more than the original. It balances subtle clever writing with some obvious gaffs, satire with creativity, and its so charming and fun with its passion on its sleeve, and very pretty to look at.

It's like the Link's Awakening remake of webcomics.
10.10.2019, 9:38 AM
10.10.2019, 5:20 PM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Is... is Cherry visibly sweating underwater?
10.10.2019, 6:55 PM
Chupa (Guest)
Well i'm here waiting for next week!
10.10.2019, 8:56 PM
Hobo With an Oboe
Hobo With an Oboe (Guest)
Joined the fandom just a few days ago and loving it! Galgarion being in the party gives me serious Magus vibes:P
10.11.2019, 9:18 AM
Hey, excellent! Welcome aboard! 😁
10.11.2019, 12:29 AM
Sen (Guest)
Eikre: if you want an Inhibitance Resistor then I'm your guy (takes a giant swig of whisky). No.w ith a pa.rty! WOOoooooo………
10.11.2019, 9:17 AM
10.12.2019, 6:49 AM
Parts for for fixing the power issues, which is ... fluid that is hardened into crystals.

Going to identify what the parts are, by their names and that context, and then try to say how those are used in this system.

Sequence Destabilizer - This is a generic term, for anything intentionally adding randomness for a given system. In this case, its a contained ecosystem of algae and fish, which varies how much light is let through at given points based on the plant density and the fish movement. (A small aquarium) - The light affects the shape of the crystals, and the regularity of the light when those form affect how fast they can release their power. When this, and the Triple Gauge Lux Prism described below, the variance with the above type of Sequence Destabilizer gives the crystals an optimal flow, without risking explosions.

Insulation Matrix - Fancy way of saying 'knitted sleeves. - These are wrapped around the pipes delivering the liquids,so they don't start crystalizing there. (Eg: Around ice particles)

Switch Rerouter - this is a set of software programs, most well known for their use with directing telephone/network signals, including detecting and working around problem spots in the network. - In this case, it manages coordinating the Transferrence Modulator, to deliver fresh liquids to newly emptied cyrstal growth cells. (I'm not sure how the rats ate through this, but hopefully it doesn't need to be rebuilt from scratch)

Transferrence Modulator - Used to regulate how much of one thing is moving to a specific  area. When dealing with liquids or gasses through pipes, this is commonly known as a Shutter Valve. - This opens/closes/restricts the flow of liquids at a juncture, (one for each path) controlling how much is delivered through that section.

Aquatic Density Shields - this protects an area from the effects of water pressure. In our world, iron does a good job of this, allowing significant differences of pressure on its two sides, while retaining its shape. - This is used for the pipes that pull the liquid form closer to the surface.  

Tricentrified Magnetizer - This is a set of 'electro'magnets, (Zeichnenian) in the shape of an equilateral triangle, which are powered in sequence. - These are used as the 'motor' of the hydraulic pump system. (Pulls a metalic valve from A to B to create a low pressure zone for 'sucking', B to C to move it out of the way, letting fluids in motion to pass, and C to A to prepare for pulling again)

Hydrotonic Signature Repeater - Tonic, in this case, is a musical term. A 'water sound, with distinct qualities, and has regular repition'. We know it as 'the sonar ping'. - This is used to detect the density within the crystization cells, to see when they are ready to harvest.

Static Feed Neutralizer - Detects, and removes noise from the system. (Eg: the snow look and ocean noise on an old tv channel, or the varying 'not blacks' of digital night photos.) - I'm not sure what this is for in this system?  Maybe its the grounding system for the metal parts?

Nano Impulse Chamber - This is a container, which has very small surges. - This is where the crystals are grown,  with the small impulses acting as a catalyst for the initial growth.

Triple Gauge Lux Prism - this is a box shaped gem, which has 3 different defraction patterns depending on which end you are shining the light through. Used in conjunction with the Sequence Destabilizer above.

Inhibitance Resistor - Alcohol. Used in the Sequence Destabilizer, to keep the fish from continuously grazing in one spot.

Fluid Energy Splitter - unknown description. (Maybe similar to a spark plug?)- This is used for using the Zeichnenian in its raw liquid form. Commonly used for jump starting the system, but also for powering the Tricentrified Magnetizer.
10.12.2019, 12:16 PM
Haha! This is great. I love this. A+
10.13.2019, 9:12 PM
10.16.2019, 11:57 PM
Hin (Guest)
The water shield is the best. Need to upgrade my submarine in Subnautica
10.29.2019, 8:11 PM
Nysa (Guest)
It’s dark down here.
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