About Us


Hi! My name is Bryan Howard, and I'm just some guy who really, really likes the RPG World comic by Ian Jones-Quartey. In fact, I loved it so much that I am now trying to continue it. (For more info on the comic and its history, check the What is RPG World? section!)

So, what makes me think I can continue this comic? Well, I'm not like, a certified webcomic author or anything. But! I do love RPG World, and I've read it over and over, sometimes fully twice in the same day, taking notes, building timelines, solving clues and puzzles of the story, and just generally building as much knowledge as I possibly can of the comic.

By the way, Ian, if you happen to see this, I hope that you enjoy what you see and find quality art, writing, and humor in the pages! I have all of the respect for you, and I claim no ownership of RPG World or anything in it. So please at the very least don't sue me. :)

But enough about me, let's go to the artist!


Atari is a sweet dude with even sweeter artwork. I met him-- well, I've never met him! I commissioned him for a short comic once upon a time, and I was impressed by his artistic skills along with his intense enthusiasm with everything he does. So when I decided to delve into this project for real, I approached him with the idea and he so very graciously accepted to do the artwork for RPG World! He has an excellent vision for scene-building, dynamic action, and character expression. Quite simply, I could not be working with anyone better.

You can follow him and see his other awesome works on DeviantArt!