#717 - Thun-Dog-A

#717 - Thun-Dog-A

Do I like this page? Sure. Would I marry it? No. Would I get drunk and make out with it in the bathroom of a Denny's? It depends on how much cheese I've had. But let's be real; if I'm drunk and at a Denny's, I've had cheese.

I'd like to give this page an award for the most specific set of circumstances required to make the page name.

Look, I don't have anything interesting to say here. So why don't you just mosey along before there's any trouble. *adjusts belt with gun on it*
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12.7.2022, 1:24 AM
Diane uses Thunderbolt. Critical Hit!

The doggos have used Bite, Crunch, Jaw Lock, Pursuit and Snarl. That means they are likely at least part Dark type. Maybe a regional variant of a Houndoom? If so, Rabble should use Wide Guard to protect the team while Diane casts Earthquake, for a super effective attack.
12.7.2022, 7:02 AM
You can't have five moves on a Pokémon! These dogs are cheating!

And if they were a regional variant of a Houndoom, they'd only share one type (because if they shared both, it would be pointless to design), if any, so if they're still Dark, they wouldn't be Fire. You could, however, use a move like Dazzling Gleam or Struggle Bug to hit them in their Dark-type weaknesses.
12.7.2022, 11:02 AM
Total tangent, but my headcanon (re: totally made up reason) for Pokémon only being able to know (and use) four moves at a time in-game is that Pokémon are no where near that limited with using their "powers" but when competing in sanctioned Pokémon Battles, you are only allowed to use up to four specific registered "moves" (applications of those powers).
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