#573 - Axe to Grind

#573 - Axe to Grind

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(Not really but that’d be dope.)

*Galgarion has denied killing Reka's father several times before! Can he be trusted?..



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1.9.2019, 9:36 AM
Ian the Great
Ian the Great (Guest)
Looks like another problem Reka can solve with a giant wrench. KAPOW
1.9.2019, 10:18 AM
Everfreefire (Guest)
Usually targets and reasons, Galgarion.
1.9.2019, 1:39 PM
Wakeangel2001 (Guest)
He's killed a lot of people and feels no shame for it, so there's no reason for him to deny killing Reka's father, even if he did do it but forgot he'd still acknowledge the possibility. I'm remembering the mask he wears is a thing he found after researching the Phoenix book, so my current theory is Reka's father was killed by the mask's former wearer.
1.10.2019, 12:12 AM
Refugnic (Guest)
That's actually a very valid point Galgarion is raising in the last two panels.

One that is regularly overlooked in most RPGs.

You walk around, beat up countless beasts and sometimes even other humanoids (usually soldiers, brigands, etc., but still: Humans) and for what? For gathering experience and loot.

In that regard, the heroes are really are no better than the proclaimed villain, whom you barely ever see killing anyone.

It's a simple matter of perspective, really...as I like to say: One story's villain may well be another story's hero.
1.10.2019, 10:00 AM
Ian the Great
Ian the Great (Guest)
That's something that's always concerned me, which is why in pen and paper RPGs I always bring up questions of morality when it comes to fighting humanoids. I wish there were more video games that allowed you to explore that. Right now it's basically just Undertale, and I'm not super into that one.
1.10.2019, 10:56 AM
1.13.2019, 10:41 PM
Formedras (Guest)
Fourth, SOMEONE destroy that damn mask!
1.14.2019, 4:27 AM
Refugnic (Guest)
Heh...now you got me curious about whether Doomdragon is planning a Darth Vader on us with that mask.

Cause y'know...Reka would probably not recognize her own father behind that mask, especially since it altered his character and everything.
1.14.2019, 5:08 PM
I will say, if you remember anything about what Reka's father looks like, that would be a very surprising turn. He's a short fat man with a bulbous nose. ;)
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