#552 - The Past is What You Make It

#552 - The Past is What You Make It

So, we've gone to a temporary Wednesday-Only update schedule. Does it suck? A little. But hey! Some comic is better than no comic!

At this rate, you'll only be 87 by the time this comic wraps up.

Wanna get us up to 2 pages a week again? The absolute best way to help us is SUPPORT OUR PATREON! More money = more time for Atari to focus on Arting!

So anyway, yeah. Some robots went back in time. That's probably never been done before, like, ever.


8.9.2018, 9:32 PM
Casanova (Guest)
Wait... didn't IJQ say that you and the team couldn't make any amount of money whatsoever in any relation to the fan revival?
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