Apparently BOGG!!! is a sound effect! I didn’t know that, but that’s what Atari put in there. Somebody go punch a giant rat king and let me know what sound it makes.

And fun fact, thie title meme was still relevant when the original RPG World was out. FEEL OLD YET?

Finally, I am once again here to invite you to join our Discord! It’s already been a lot of fun and I enjoy chatting with you guys. See for yourself!


M---Maybe don’t listen to them.




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2.5.2020, 3:25 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
All I've got is the Gunshow meme (ironically enough, this scene being entirely engulfed in water).
2.5.2020, 12:38 PM
Ian the Great
Talk about a Superhiro landing in panel 2.
2.5.2020, 4:20 PM
Tasta_All_Folks (Guest)
Save the Perry, save the game!
2.5.2020, 1:03 PM
Everfreefire (Guest)
You say those are not compelling pleas, but they are certainly amusing.
2.5.2020, 2:15 PM
Frosty (Guest)
Those landings, though. Them interns are the real npcs that should join the party. But wait...why’d they land so hard underwater...?
2.5.2020, 2:31 PM
Something something water pressure
2.6.2020, 2:51 PM
Oh, I'll take a stab at it! Remember, this is not actually canon, just a kind of "No Prize" attempt.

Option 1: They actually didn't land that hard. Likely, reading the strip without remembering that they are all underwater before then remembering the fact and re-reading gives the impression that it was a harder landing than actually occurred.

I mean, the "*LAND*" sound effect isn't actually that large of font, and lacks the white flash that accompanies the much more massive appendages arms.

Option 2: Again, this place has an enchantment that causes everything to behave as if it were not underwater. Whether because this city was intended as a destination for surface dwellers, or as a place for underwater beings to slowly adapt to being on the surface, or because some things are just easier to do under surface-like conditions.

Possibly, this enchantment can be selectively applied for when underwater physics are beneficial. If not, the enchantment is like not 100% accurate. For example, bubbles are likely to form and other small objects may float (at least a little).

(I've suggest some of this before, so I'm guessing DOOMDRAGON6 has something else in mind. XD)
2.6.2020, 9:52 PM
Otaku comin' in Hot with the analysis
2.6.2020, 11:51 PM
You know what they say:

Those who can, do.

Those who can't, post comments on the internet.
2.5.2020, 11:45 PM
Ham (Guest)
Hey now, you two are a bunch of dweebs. Stop being so cool.
2.7.2020, 1:02 AM
TenshiPRime (Guest)
Can I just say that I adore the fish designs? They are so alien and cute looking!
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