#617 - Rat Pack

#617 - Rat Pack

We’re down to our last 2 pages! Will we hit a hiatus, or will victory be snatched up at the last second??

Also, anyone else notice Reka gained a belt and it changes color on a regular basis?

What? The rats? Yeah there’s a bunch of them. RIP.


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11.13.2019, 1:36 AM
Refugnic (Guest)
Well, a rat rarely comes all by itself...especially the king sized ones.

After all, what's a king without a people to send to war?
That's right: Just another rat, weak and pathetic.

Regarding the belt: Well, now that you mention it...but no, I did not examine her that thoroughly.

I know, this must come as a shock. :P

As for the possible hiatus, I'll keep it with the infamous Doris Day song: 'Whatever will be, will be.'

Seriously though, life comes first. :)
11.13.2019, 11:39 AM
Wakeangel2001 (Guest)
Oh no, it's the Rat King! Quick, call in the ninja turtles! Wait...this is an undersea kingdom, the ninja SEA turtles!
11.13.2019, 11:56 AM
Blue_Elite (Guest)
Time for 10 forced battles in a row followed by a cut scene where they then say there's too many of them.

And nope to the belt. I DID notice the last time we saw Diane she lost her red head-horns and pointy ears.
I just assume the developers outsourced various cut scenes and, due to budget, took whatever they got back. :P
11.13.2019, 12:02 PM
Everfreefire (Guest)
Quick, wonder how rats can breathe underwater! Logic bomb them to death, then hope Tuna can keep you breathing since you logicked things too much.
11.13.2019, 2:52 PM
R.C.D. (Guest)
Straight up- what is happening. This a horrible hiatus time, now.🤣

Actually, never mind. When has an RPG boss ever made sense anyways?
11.13.2019, 4:43 PM
Hadn't noticed the belt... but, looking back, I see it in black, white, green, and gray. (As well as a shot or two where her hips are not exposed)

Don't worry about the rat swarm. It's one of the boss's special attacks, which only does 16 damage, since it is the boss encounterfor the level 2 questers. R.I.P. stands for Rat Infestation Policy, which basically means hiring more junior adventurers.
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